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SEK International Schools organise and host their own United Nations Model, SEKMUN, and also take part in other MUNs nationally and internationally.

This is an educational-cultural project authorised by the UNO, which is a simulation of the General Assembly and other multilateral agencies.

Committees – SEKMUN Debate topics

General Assembly

First Committee: Disarmament and International Security

  1. Fight against terrorism. A/RES/73/187
  2. Fight against terrorism and other acts of violence based upon religion or beliefs. A/RES/73/285

Second Committee: Economic and Financial Themes

  1. Commercialization of space: regulation of exploration, exploitation, and use of resource spaces. More Information
  2. Promotion of international cooperation to fight against financial illiteracy and strengthen good practices in asset restitution to promote sustainable development. A/RES/73/222

Third Committee: Social Themes, Humanitarian and Cultural

  1. Achievement of the Sustainable Development goals. Protecting the global climate and mitigating the impact of rapid technological change. More Information
  2. The importance of civil society in achieving the 2030 agenda. More Information

Security Council

  1. The situation in the Middle East. More Information
  2. The situation in subcontinental India (India/Pakistan). More Information

UNICEF Executive Board

  1. 30 years of the Convention on children's rights. More Information
  2. Justice for children. Justice for all. More Information


  1. Risk to the integration and health of women from certain cultural practices. More InformationA/61/122
  2. Protect humanity from future health crises. A/70/723

United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWOT)

  1. Urban tourism: «smart cities, smart destinations». More Information
  2. Women empowerment in the tourism sector. More Information

Human Rights Council

  1. Promotion and protection of Human Rights in the Bolivarian Republic. More Information
  2. The HR to safe drinking water sanitation. More Information

UNESCO Executive Board

  1. Help countries to eliminate racial discrimination. See TopicMore Information
  2. Measures to protect cultural property in Asia Pacific. See TopicMore Information

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

  1. The regulation of cryptocurriences. See Study Guides
  2. The question of unilateral measures to prevent financial crisis. See Topic – More Information 1More Information 2

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

  1. Measures to prevent global maritime crime. More Information
  2. Measures to prevent the traffic of falsified medical products. More Information

FAO Council

  1. Measures to support countries to both mitigate and adapt the agriculture to the efects of climate change. More Information
  2. Measures to assure food safety at every stage of the food chain (from production to harvest, processing, storage, distribution, all the way to preparation and consumption). More Information
Preparation for the Event
  • The Model United Nations
  • What is a debate? What is a negotiation?
  • Guide for the construction of resolutions
  • Bibliography


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