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SEK-El Castillo participates in the VI Symposium Felipe Segovia

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On Monday 16 November our teachers and many students and families participated in our VI Symposium Felipe Segovia. This event was held virtually, which gave us the opportunity to ensure access by all members of our learning community in both our SEK International Schools and the Camilo José Cela University.

The topic this year was defining the SEK Future Learning Model through the show-case and follow-up discussion of professional learning pathways. From SEK-El Castillo we are proud to say that two of our students, Paula Álvarez and David Valadés, acted as moderators in two of the strands. They did a fabulous job in ensuring time-keeping by presenters in their round tables and synthesising the next steps reached in the conclusions.

Also from SEK-El Castillo we had three groups of students presenting in the Global Citizenship strand: PYP Exhibition, Green Castle and Global Female Leaders. Their contributions were detailed, well communicagted and their generation´s invaluable perspective was included in the next steps document.