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SEK Educational Model

Learn to be

SEK International Schools are committed to offering each student an educational model focused on personal growth, preparing for success in later life.

Pioneers in Spain in offering the three International Baccalaureate® programmes, the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP) alongside the Spanish national curriculum since 1977.

The SEK Educational Model

  1. Focused on learning and growth of students and the school community.
  2. Ensures the all-round development of our students' emotional, intellectual, cognitive and artistic skills.
  3. Through a balanced, interdisciplinary and relevant curriculum to tackle the challenges of the era of knowledge and learning.
  4. The school acts as a learning gateway towards 21st century content and skills.
  5. Applies assessment systems and data analysis of all the processes and agents involved with the aim of ongoing learning.
  6. Leveraging the necessary resources (people, spaces, time and technology) to create personal learning environments for each student.
  7. Our students are 'professionals of learning' and our educators are facilitators and thought coaches.
  8. Operating in connected and open environments.
  9. Employing different learning methods, in which diverse formats (one-to-one, blended and online) ensure the acquisition of knowledge and foster the development of skills.
  10. Boasting infrastructures that combine physical spaces and virtual learning environments.
  11. Building creative and collaborative learning and innovation communities, leveraging collective intelligence and generating the habit of 'learning to learn'.
  12. At SEK we are experts in learning and talent management. SEK Schools are social networks that learn and share their knowledge.
  13. Incorporating the latest advances in science (neuropsychology, sociology, technology)
  14. Connecting learning experiences to specific contexts, establishing collaboration between communities and involving new agents in education.
  15. Offering students an uninterrupted educational model: breaking down the barriers between education centres and professional life.

SEK Education Group - 'A Better World Through Education'

SEK Future Learning Model

SEK Future Learning Model (FLM) is the result of a renewed look at the Intelligent Classroom, based on our experiences of online learning and teaching over the past year. During the months of lockdown, in which we have put into practice a distance education model, we have been able to learn from new methodological formats, from using new tools and new ways of learning and interaction between the different members of our Community.

The FLM takes into account the impact of this experience on the future and redefines the purpose of the school as a “place” in order to develop a much broader concept of learning that serves the needs of our students today and in the future.

We saw a need to create motivating and enriched learning flows that use face-to-face or digital formats depending on the pedagogical purpose they pursue, in either physical or virtual spaces, that allow us to create personal development experiences for each student.

To further explore these and aspects of our approach to education, SEK Education Group set up a Think-Action Tank on 30 May that concluded work on 30 June presenting an initial learning model. Groups of teachers from all SEK Schools are working to progressively implement it as of this school year.

More information about SEK Future Learning Model